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Spiral Ducts

A Spiral Duct offers you a cylindrical design with outside ridges. Spiral Ducts are useful for limiting noise and require less space than rectangular ducts.

Islandia HVAC Air Duct Systems
Islandia HVAC Air Duct Systems
Islandia HVAC Air Duct Systems
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Double Wall Spiral Ducts

A Double Wall Spiral Duct offers a similar design to our Spiral Ducts, except the dual-wall design offers the purchaser increased noise reduction.

Flat Oval Ducts

Our Flat Oval Ducts feature an elliptical shape and offer a larger surface area than our Spiral Ducts while retaining noise-reduction qualities.

Islandia HVAC Air Duct Systems
Islandia HVAC Air Duct Systems
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Rectangular Ducts

A Rectangular Duct is a traditional style found in many buildings. Rectangular Ducts offer a classic look and also offer good height clearance.

Specialty Ducts

If your needs are more specific, AMW can fabricate a custom duct that meets your exact specifications.

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Black Iron Breaching

Manufactured in 16ga to 10ga

Stainless Steel Round or Square

flexible duct connector
flexible duct connector
flexible duct pipe
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Rings & Cleats

High Pressure Coil Line Joints & Leads Conformance

Long Island Duct Installation
HVAC Air Ducts Islandia | Specialty Ducts
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Oval Tees, Elbows, Spiral Pipes and Fittings

Acoustic Lining Available

Turning vanes standard in all square and rectangular elbows

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Ronkonkoma Duct Installation | Double Wall Spiral Ducts
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HVAC Air Ducts Islandia | Flat Oval Ducts

Stainless Steel & Aluminum


Long Island Double Wall Spiral Ducts
Long Island Spiral Ducts