Duct Products

Spiral Ducts

A Spiral Duct offers you a cylindrical design with outside ridges. Spiral Ducts are useful for limiting noise and require less space than rectangular ducts.

Double Wall Spiral Ducts

A Double Wall Spiral Duct offers a similar design to our Spiral Ducts, except the dual-wall design offers the purchaser increased noise reduction.

Flat Oval Ducts

Our Flat Oval Ducts feature an elliptical shape and offer a larger surface area than our Spiral Ducts while retaining noise-reduction qualities.

Rectangular Ducts

A Rectangular Duct is a traditional style found in many buildings. Rectangular Ducts offer a classic look and also offer good height clearance.

Specialty Ducts

If your needs are more specific, AMW can fabricate a custom duct that meets your exact specifications.

Black Iron Breeching

Manufactured in 16ga to 10ga

Stainless Steel Round or Square

Rings & Cleats

High Pressure Coil Line Joints & Leads Conformance

Oval Tees, Elbows, Spiral Pipes and Fittings

Acoustic Lining Available

Turning vanes standard in all square and rectangular elbows

Stainless Steel & Aluminum